Double Glazed Windows: Creating an Energy Efficiency, Quieter Home

Double Glazed Windows: Creating an Energy Efficiency, Quieter Home


Double Glazed Windows are Constructed from a Frame and a Glazed Unit Featuring an Insulating Layer of Argon Gas Sandwiched Between Two Panes of Glass.

Double Glazed Windows: Creating an Energy Efficiency, Quieter Home

Double glazed windows are constructed from a frame and a glazed unit featuring an insulating layer of Argon gas sandwiched between two panes of glass. The primary benefit of double glazing is thermal insulation – to retain heat in a room whilst stopping cold air entering from outside to make the room more energy efficient. The deeper the unit, the more insulating the glazed unit is, ROPO double glazed units have a unit depth of 26 mm.

What is Double Glazed?

Double glazed is made from two panes of glass that are separated by a layer of air or gas and then sealed. They are designed to provide an even better barrier against outside temperatures. The two layers of glass separated by a gap act as insulation by reducing conduction. The use of a gas, most often argon, between the layers of glass is considered to be a better insulator than those with just a sealed pocket of air. Gases like argon allow less heat to escape and less cold to enter because they have a higher density.

Double Glazed

What are the Benefits of Double Glazed Windows?

Improved energy efficiency: Double glazed offers better thermal insulation which leads to higher energy efficiency in homes. This can significantly reduce heating bills.

Noise reduction: The thicker glass allows for better noise reduction and lets you sleep easier at night.

Improved security: Thicker glass also means better durability and harder-to-break windows. Single panes can be flimsier in comparison.

Increased home value: Double glazed windows increase the value of a home as they enhance its energy efficiency. This is a good draw for potential buyers.

Reduced condensation: Double glazed windows allow less condensation into homes and the sealed structure prevents temperature drops from the condensation.

Variety of styles: As it has become the standard for most houses, double glazed windows are available in every window style available.

How Do Double Glazed Windows and Doors Work?

Double glazed windows and doors work by creating an additional layer of insulating protection for your home. As described above, the two glass panes act as a barrier for noise and temperature transfers. The insulating gas, or air, between the glass helps to trap the air and impending temperature attempting to enter your home, acting as a protective layer between your home and the weather outside. This results in less heat entering your home in summer, and escaping your home in winter! In turn, you won’t need to run your air conditioning or heating as often, or as intensely, lowering your energy consumption and energy bills.

ROPO Double Glazed Windows Frame

upvc windows
ROPO uPVC windows system are highly secure, energy-efficient and virtually maintenance free. which is German Veka profile and German ROTO multipoint locking system with double or triple glazing
aluminum windows
ROPO Aluminium windows system are strong and robust, JMA profile and multipoint locking system to keep security; add a contemporary style to any property, with our range of modern colours
aluminum wood windows
The combination of aluminum wood offers natural appeal indoors and optimum weatherproofing outdoors-the aluminium outside provides protection against the effects of the weather, while the timber inside adds to the interior design options

ROPO Double Glazing Units

A double glazed window has 2 panes of glass and 4 faces. In an individual window unit, different types of glass can be used and by combining these, we can create specific windows and doors to meet different needs, including clear glass, tinted glass, laminated glass, low e glass, reflective glass, low-iron glass, one way glass, etc.

ROPO double glazed standard: 5 mm Toughened + 12 mm Argon Gas + 5 mm Toughened / 5 mm Toughened + 12 mm Argon Gas + 5 mm Toughened

1, Thick: 24 mm / 26 mm

2, Toughened

3, Argon Gas

ROPO Glass Performance Data

ROPO Hot Sale Double Glazed Windows & Doors Style

Aluminium Windows Manufacturer | AS2047 and NZS4211 Certificate | Aluminum Projected Windows
ROPO's Aluminium Projected Windows are Both Stylish and Durable, Offering the Benefits of Added Aesthetics and Ventilation.
Aluminum Windows Factory | Australian Standard AS2047 | Chain Winder Awning Windows
ROPO's Aluminium China Winder Awning Windows are with a Hinge near the Top, They Swing Out at the Bottom to Open.
Aluminum Casement Window Manufacturers | NFRC Certifcate | Aluminum French Casement Windows with Renolit Foil
Casement Windows are a Popular Style of Windows That Wwing Outwards, Much Like a Door to Open.
Aluminium Windows Factory | Australian Standard AS2047 | Double Glazed Aluminium Awning Windows
Aluminium Awning Windows are a Type of Window that is Hinged at the Top and Opens Outward from the Bottom.
Double Glazed Aluminum Windows | WERS Certificate | Aluminum Awning Windows
ROPO's Aluminium Awning Windows are Both Stylish and Durable, Offering the Benefits of Added Aesthetics and Ventilation.
Custom uPVC Awning Windows | German Veka Frame | Project Windows with Double Glazed
The Sash of the uPVC Awning Windows is Hinged at The Top of The Frame, and the Bottom Swings Outward.
Custom PVC Windows | German Veka Frame | PVC Tilt & Turn Window with Double Glazed
PVC Tilt turn windows are hinged on one side and open inward, maximising the fresh air that enters the room.
Double Glazed PVC Windows | AGWA Certifited Windowds | PVC Sliding Sash Windows
Sliding windows require no outward or inward space to open, making them ideal for areas with limited space.

Conclusion: Is Double Glazing Worth It?

Double glazing represents a smart choice for homeowners, offering a blend of energy efficiency, noise reduction, and enhanced comfort. While the initial investment is higher than traditional single glazing, the long-term benefits in energy savings and improved living conditions make double glazed windows and doors a worthwhile addition to any home. Considering the climate, the energy savings, and the added comfort, investing in double glazing emerges not just as a luxury, but a necessity for the modern homeowner.

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