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Q: Are aluminium windows better than uPVC?

A: Aluminium tends to be stronger than uPVC, which means that the frame of an aluminium window can have a slimmer profile and larger glass surface compared to its uPVC equivalent. However, aluminium conducts heat and cold and so is not as thermally efficient as wood or uPVC which are far better at reducing temperature transfer through the frame

Q: Are aluminium windows energy efficient?

A: Although aluminium windows are strong and very attractive, the material has a weakness in regards to conductivity. At ROPO we use our years of experience to reduce this problem. you can use ROPO's thermally break aluminum frame with double glazed

Q: Can you have triple glazing on aluminium windows?

A: Yes, our thermally broken aluminum frame can be with triple glazed

Q: Are thermally broken aluminum windows suitable for all climates?

A: Yes, thermally broken aluminum windows are suitable for various climates. Whether you live in a cold climate or a hot and humid environment, thermally broken aluminum windows can help to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by minimising the transfer of heat or cold through the window frames. However, it's important to consider factors such as the specific design, glass type, and overall energy efficiency of the windows to ensure optimal performance in your particular climate.

Q: Can aluminium windows be painted?

A: In theory yes but we would not advise it as the best look will come from the original finish. Our windows are Interpon power coated which creates a very hard and resilient finish which should easily last for 10 years or more

Q: Can we custom the aluminum windows and doors color?

A: We have more than 100 colors for aluminum windows and doors. if you cannot get what you want color, you can send us the color sample, we can custom what you want color.

Q: How Much do Custom Aluminum Windows?

A: The Cost of Custom Aluminum Windows is Dependent on so Many Factors such as Style and Materials. At ROPO, Our Windows are Made-to-Measure and Customised to Your Taste and Home, Which is Why You won't Find a Price Online as There are too Many Contributing Factors

Q: Is Aluminium Good For Window Frames?

A: Yes, they are very reliable, durable, and corrosion resistant which results in low maintenance and remains strong for all kinds of weather conditions, including extreme heat and wind. It will not warp, swell or split as other frame materials could over time. Aluminium is also a great thermal retainer, if these are used in addition to double-glazed windows then your energy efficiency will be much greater. All these qualities ensure a longer product life for your windows.

Q: What Colours And Finishes Can Aluminium Windows Be?

A: ROPO aluminum frames are available in anodized or powder coating or PVDF finishes for long lasting color