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Door FAQ

Q: How long do Doos Last?

A: There is no Reason Why Quality Doors can't Last for the Lifetime of the Property if well Maintained. However, not All Doors are Created Equally, for Example Timber Doors will Require Some Maintenance to Maintain Paintwork. Invariably This Comes Down to Personal Preference Lower Quality Windows for Example May Have no Gas Between the Panes Limiting Their Effectiveness at Reducing Warmth in a Room. Others may Use Poor Quality Seals which Perish and Result in Draughts after Around 10 Years

Q: What Types of Glass are Available for Custom Doors?

A: You May be Surprised by the Number of Glass Options for Your Custom Doors, and It is Important to Understand Which Would be Best Suited for Your Requirements. Standard Glass is Called ‘Low E’ and is a Great all Round Option for Energy Efficiency. Low Iron Glass Offers High Clarity and Energy Efficiency. Toughened Glass is Five Times Stronger than Regular Glass and Laminated Glass, Contains a Plastic Interlayer Offering Better Insulation and Resistance Against Damage

Q: What Door Colours are Available?

A: At ROPO, We Offer a Beautiful Range of Colours and Natural Woodgrain Finishes, so There is a Perfect Colour to Suit Every Property. Colours Range from the Traditional White finish, through to Ultra-Contemporary Anthracite Grey or Black. Add a Modern Twist to Your Windows, with Dual Colours, Complementing the Inside and Outside of Your Home

Q: How Much do Custom Doors?

A: The Cost of Custom Doors is Dependent on so Many Factors such as Style and Materials. At ROPO, Our Doors are Made-to-Measure and Customised to Your Taste and Home, Which is Why You won't Find a Price Online as There are too Many Contributing Factors