China PVC Doors | German Veka Frame | uPVC Tilt & Sliding Doors
China PVC Doors | German Veka Frame | uPVC Tilt & Sliding Doors
China PVC Doors | German Veka Frame | uPVC Tilt & Sliding Doors
China PVC Doors | German Veka Frame | uPVC Tilt & Sliding Doors

Item specifics

PVC Frame
German VEKA
White / Woodgrain
German ROTO / Chinese KINLONG
Single / Double / Triple / Laminated / Low E
Retractable Screen / Accordion Screen.
Rubber Strip
Reinforcement Steel
Above 1.50 mm
AS2047, Codemark, NFRC
Bubble + Carton + Expandable Polyethylene



Product Introduction
uPVC Tilt & Sliding Doors

The Tilt & Slide door is unique in concept and design. The construction utilises a sash which slides free of the frame on a rail system enabling a full perimeter cam locking system to be employed. This design not only enables double sealing but also incorporates a useful tilt function providing optimum ventilation whilst maintaining a barrier to children and pets. It is these distinct features that make the Tilt & Slide door the ideal alternative to a standard sliding door. Our Tilt & Slide doors can be manufactured as double or single opening.

ROPO's uPVC Tilt & Slide Doors slide smoothly and effortlessly to one side similar to inline sliding doors. They can also be tilted open, a feature that provides extra ventilation without needing to open the doors fully.

Tilt & Slide Doors are a combination of sliding doors and the tilt and turn windows. These doors are also very secure thanks to a robust multi-locking mechanism. They provide a 5 star energy seal and are very secure. These doors are capable of a very wide opening.

uPVC Tilt & Sliding Doors
uPVC Tilt & Sliding Doors Custom Configurations 
Standard Features
● White color frame
● Fitted with double glazed-5 mm + 16 mm Argon Gas + 5 mm
● Fitted with 1.50 mm reinforcement steel
● Fitted with multi-point locking system 
● Fitted with handle and cylinder 
● Min. size: 1.2 m wide x 2.0 m high
● Max. size: 2 m wide x 2.7 m high

Additional Options

●  Lamination options (Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Black, etc)
●  Triple Glazed
●  Low E Glass
●  Glass options (tinted, toughened, reflective, obscure, etc.)
●  Laminated Glazed
●  Accordion Screen
●  Retractable Screen
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Popular Design Options
Product Details
Veka Softline AD70
VEKA SOFTLINE AD70 casement system is VEKA's classic 2-Level gasket system. Optimized and easy automated window fabrication and a wide range of special profiles and add-on profiles make the AD70 the perfect choice for villas and other projects with the need for high variety of different window and door styles and designs. It supports very large window sizes including combination windows. 
●  System Uf 1.3 W/m2.K (including steel reinforcements)
●  System depth 70mm – 5 Chambers
●  Glazing thick 21mm – 35mm
●  Glazing depth 21mm
●  Profile wall thickness : 2.80 mm
●  Low-energy-house ready
●  Lead Free
● Tropical Mix
PVC Tilt & Turn Windows
PVC Tilt & Turn Windows
Corner Joint 
Fusion welded frame and sash corners for strength and durable.
Corner cleaning makes the window frame & sash more beautiful appearance and good looking.
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Glass Should Be Selected On The Basis Of Thermal Insulation Requirement, Sound Insulation Requirement And Safety Requirement.
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