Custom UPVC Corner Doors, Double Glazing, Waterpoof, For Balcony
Custom UPVC Corner Doors, Double Glazing, Waterpoof, For Balcony
Custom UPVC Corner Doors, Double Glazing, Waterpoof, For Balcony
Custom UPVC Corner Doors, Double Glazing, Waterpoof, For Balcony
UPVC Corner Door 003

Item specifics

Profile Color
White / Woodgrain Color
Profile Brand
German VEKA / Chinese Zhongcai
German ROTO/ Chinese KINLONG
Single / Double / Triple / Laminated / Low E
Sliding Security Screen / Accordion Screen



Product Introduction
 UPVC Corner


We are profession UPVC sliding corner doors manufactures,sliding dindows have long been a popular choice by homeowner and builders. Because of their excellent functionality and value for money. Because of its easy install and operate features, sliding window plays an important role for a prefect balcony or any space division.

  • 450Pa

    Water Pressure
  • 2500Pa

    Ultimate Wind Pressure
  • 1.8

    U Value
  • 0.35

    SHGC Value
ROPO UPVC Sliding Corner Door
Product Video

Save opening space:

Corner door takes up less space than hinged doors as they don't require the same swing area. This makes sliding doors an ideal solution for space-saving in small rooms or tight corners.

Better accessibility:

Corner doors also provide better accessibility as they don't require the same effort to open and close, making them ideal for elderly or disabled individuals or those with limited mobility.

Energy Efficiency:

Corner doors are also energy-efficient as they provide better insulation, keeping the house warm during the winter and cool in the summer.

Product PDF
UPVC Corner Door Drawing Section
UPVC Corner Door Intertek Report
Product Details Map
ROPO UPVC Corner door Corner details
Corner Joint :

Fusion welded frame and sash corners for strength and durable.
Corner cleaning makes the window frame & sash more beautiful appearance and good looking.
Corner Sample :

Multi-chambered frame and sash extrusions for super strength and insulating properties.
Lead free profile- Energy saving and UV protection.
2.8mm profile thickness and support steel inside of the chamber.
ROPO UPVC Corner Door Corner Sample
ROPO UPVC Corner Door Hardware Details
Hardware :

Heavy duty Wheel with 304 stainless steel for maximum durability.
Multi-point stainless steel locking device for enhanced security. 
Possible Sliding Door Configurations :

Sliding Door can be designed in both sides slide or one panel slide the other panel fixed.
One panel sliding door opening width should be limited in 1400mm, the door height is better smaller than 3000mm for maximum using experience and durable.

ROPO UPVC Sliding Door Possible Configurations
Glass Should Be Selected On The Basis Of Thermal Insulation Requirement, Sound Insulation Requirement And Safety Requirement.
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